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Restaurant Ordering

Allow your customers to easily order food from their iPhones or iPads, and find specials and rewards

✔ Specials And Discounts System
✔ Searchable Menu
✔ Order Status Tracking
✔ Push Notifications
✔ Admin Dashboard iPad App
✔ Production grade Swift code

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To start building your app based on this template, contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.



Decide the overall theme, colors and content of your app. Also, agree on the final deliverables.


Get Code

I hook up everything, set the functionality, and share with you the licensed  code base and all agreed upon deliverables.

Start With The Right Functionality

Core Features

Choose a template with your desired functionality and I will customize it for you to reflect your business brand. In just a few weeks you will have a Premium iOS App ready to be published on the App Store with the functionality and look that your business need at the right cost.

✔ Offers And Discounts Carousel
✔ Searchable Menu
✔ Featured Plates
✔ Expandable Food Details Screen
✔ Order Status Tracking
✔ Order History
✔ One-Click Reorder
✔ User Profile
✔ Sign In With Apple
✔  Admin Dashboard Mac/iPad App
✔  Production grade Swift 5 code
✔  Firebase Backend
✔  Push And Local Notifications

Extend And Grow Your App As Needed

Add-on Features

The code in this template is highly modular and easily extendable. If you need more functionality it is easy to add the following modules to this template:
+ Table Reservation
+ Apple Pay
+ Third Party Payment System
+ Map and Delivery Tracking
+ Your Custom Feature
+ Real Time Chat
+ Favorite System
+ Onboarding System
+ Feedback and Reviews system

Be A Good Platform Citizen

System Features

You also get great iPhone and iPad functionality for free.
✔ iPad support
✔ Full Support For Dark Mode
✔ Full Support For Dynamic Type
✔ Fully HIG Compliance
✔ TestFlight Demo
✔  Personalized Tech Support
✔ Modular code ready to be extended

Restaurant Ordering

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