How to Make an iOS App for Entrepreneurs

The no BS guide to build and publish an MVP


200 USD

+ 2 weekly live classes
+ Self-pace video and text content
+ All source files
+ Access to the courses slack channel
+ Figma files and design assets
+ Practical, actionable advice

What you will learn?

This hands-on course is designed for business minded people that are more product centered. You will learn enough to get stuff done without getting confused with too much programming lingo and details. At the end of the course, you will have learn how to make an iOS MVP to test your ideas, serve your customers or launch your next startup.


I'm an iOS engineer currently working at Utkonos - a sizable FoodTech and e-grocery delivery app with thousands of customers.

I combine my 10 years of experience in education, my experiences as a self-taught career-changer, and all the iOS industry and Swift programming experience I have gained to help you learn and grow as an iOS developer yourself.

Johan Delgado

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